Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Almost Hump Day

Well, today was anything but fun. Had to have an MRI done, still some lingering medical problems to clear up, but almost there!!!! Won't have results for a few days, and I'm not a patient person when it comes to waiting. So I'm writing instead.

Found an old manuscript over half done that unfortunately, I didn't have the disk for anymore so I am retyping the paper copy back into the computer. Up to page 47 so far, and my fingers feel as though they are falling off. Not fun!

I also have an interview up right now at Long and Short Reviews. Please check it out if you have a moment to spare. it can be found at: http://www.longandshortreviews.com/interviews.htm

Take care all until we chat again. Patti

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Day after Sweetest Day all!

Hi everyone! I know I haven't been around much but I'm here now. Today and until this coming Thursday I am moderating the Wild Rose Press author loop. It's a great group of authors from all over the country. If you're a WRP author, pop on over and say hi! If not, then it's time to sell something to WRP and come join us!!!!

I'm excited as I will be flying off to Seattle this coming Thursday for the Emerald City Conference. To learn more about it (though registation is closed) go to www.gsrwa.org . I am going to be signing my first book with The Wild Rose Press entitled A Miracle Through Time. It is a historical time travel back to the era of the paddlewheels in the 1860's.

And if that isn't enough, I have just sent back the first round of edits for The Laird's Lady, my contemporary paranormal with The Wild Rose Press.

Hope you are enjoying the great fall weather, wherever you might be in the United States. And stop back in anytime. I'll be updating you more with what's going on in my world!

Take care, Patti

Friday, October 12, 2007

Welcome to my world!

Hi everyone and thank you all for stopping by. Welcome to my little corner of paradise where the sun is always shining, the waves are splashing against the shoreline, the warm breeze is feeling so good and the margaritas are cold. So pull up a beach chair and let's start talking!
Patti 10-12-08