Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Has Sprung!

Hey everyone, first and foremost my apologies for not keeping up to date better with all of you. Life reared it's ugly head and I am just now getting back on track. I am delighted to say I signed my fifth contract two weeks ago with Devine Destinies, an offshoot of eXtasy Books. I was thrilled when after only 21 hours from submission the publisher Tina Haveman called to say she wanted to pubish The Captains Wench. Of course I said yes. (G) The Captains Wench is an updated version of The Ghost and Mrs Muir but sexier! I'll keep you all posted as soon as I know a pub date and have my cover. And I am doing edits for The Laird's Lady as we speak and will have those back to my editor by Thursday of this week. So I'm busy on this end and loving every minute of it.

And not sure where you all are located, but here in Michigan it is gorgeous outside. It's in the 70's and the tulips are popping up, the forsythias are in bloom and I can actually see the perennials poking out their heads from the gardens! I love it. Makes me want to be outside and not inside!

Also if you have a spare minute please stop by eBay and check out Brenda Novak's online auction for juvenile diabetes. She has the most amazing items up for bid and it is for a very, very worthy cause. The auction doesn't officially start til May 1st, but go now and make your wish list. I did (G)

Well back to work for me. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and week and month! Take care, Patti