Sunday, September 28, 2008


The above title says it all. Webster's Dictionary defines procrastination as to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done.

Me, I define it as what I do when I want to be doing anything other than writing. Laundry, scrubbing toiles, sorting through old papers. You name it, I'll find an excuse to do it and not write. (G)

Well, that was me today to a tee! Actually, it was only the morning that I was avoiding writing. Once a year our small town puts on the Taste of Clarkston. This is when all the local businesses and restaurants get together and have a street fair. You buy a book of ten for $10.00 and sample food from the restaurants. I plunked down my $10.00, got my ten tickets and off I went.

Now, I was not alone in this adventure. Along for the sampling was my friend Stephani, her 7 yr old daughter Joie, her 15 yr old son Cody, my 25 yr old daughter Amanda, and her 24 yr old fiance James. We ate our way up and down the street, heard the band play, admired all the dogs on leashes and then we spotted it. The spray paint your hair booth. Yup, a salon was spray painting streaks in your hair for free. Joie was the first to get colored. She chose red, purple, blue, and pink. Then I figured what the heck - so I asked the gal for just one nice chunk streak in my bangs. Low and behold minutes later, I was green, burgundy, purple and glittered. My daughter was loving this and then she ended up getting hot pink highlights! We had a blast. And no you will not be seeing a picture of this on my blog anytime soon (G).

Ok, this is what I mean, procratsion at its finest!!! I came home with good intentions of writing and found myself doing everything possible to avoid the keyboard today. I cooked, I cleaned, I talked on the phone, you name it. But while I was doing all this I also realized that I was talking aloud to myself and working my way through snags in my current work in progress. It's funny because at times like this I have been known to write my best pages, spill out serious angst and heart wrenching emotional pages that might not have been drawn from me otherwise.

I am also very good at walking away from the computer and picking up the trusty old pen and paper to write. I really enjoy putting the words on paper and crossing things off and rewriting and seeing it happen before my eyes. In fact, that's how I am writing my blog. It is all down on paper before me - bright neon green and orange recycled pieces of paper. Just like my highlights!

While I was bad for the first half of today, I am now being good and catching up on my pages for the day. So far, I'm at 4 and counting. Oh yeah and I made homemade mac and cheese for dinner too. (G)

Thanks for listening, I'm off to write.