Sunday, October 9, 2011

A New Contract (2 actually!)

This has been one of those crazy years where nothing turns out the way I would like it to. While I do have to first and foremost be thankful for the fact I will soon hit five years of being cancer-free (October 25th), today is actually the day when I learned I had colon cancer. Talk about a real downer, but I'm still here.

My latest release, McCade's Miracle, co-authored with Nancy Fraser was digitally re-released on October 1st by eXtasy Books and I couldn't be happier. It's nice to see Miri and Matt back. If you love reading about the 1860's and the era of the paddle wheel with a sensuous love story thrown in, then this is your ebook! Check out the cover right here in the blog.

I also signed a new contract (2 contracts to be precise) with eXtasy Books and will be reprising the Zodiac Series. Twelve heroines who give a new meaning to the phrase "What's your sign?" There will be the last eight novellas with the next release to come out on January 30th. And to add to that, I will be starting a new series of six novellas entitled Unconventional Angels for Unconventional Relationships, which will premiere in February.

I am so excited to be writing steady again. I can't begin to tell you how it stabilizes my life. Earlier this year I lost my grandfather. He was my afternoon Pepsi and snack guy. I'd bring both to the nursing home where he stayed and we'd talk, laugh and eat. He died suddenly and while it wasn't expected, he was 90 years old. Then a few months later, I lost the four legged love of my life. My girl Cassie. She was a 16 year old shepherd-golden with a personality I'd never seen before in a dog and not sure I ever will again. I stayed with her to the bitter end when the vet had to give her the final shot. It ripped my heart out but I knew it was for the best.

For a time I wandered through the house, sure I could hear the sound of her collar, listening for the sounds of her breathing at night, and positive I was losing my mind when I heard all of it. Right now I'm comforting myself by taking care of one of the three dogs my daughter and son-in-law have. Miss Mugs as I fondly refer to her, a name I tagged her with the first time I saw her, though her given name is Maizee. She's the closest thing to being like my old girl Cassie. Except she's only five years old(G). She's laying at my feet as I type this, snoring quite soundly (though a proper lady does not snore!). She's the one in the middle of the photo above.

The world has once more righted itself on its axis for me and I'm back to the business of writing. I hope you will all stop more for more updates as I pen the novellas for both the Zodiac Club and Unconventional Angels. And you can find out more about my books at and as well as my website.

Take care, and enjoy whatever you are doing today! Patti

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