Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brock's Locks

There was an article in my local paper about a week ago of a young man named Brock Nowak, who for his 13th birthday dontated 10 inches of his long blond hair to Locks For Love.

He has been growing his hair for three years and even after they cut off the required ten inches, he still has hair down to his shoulders. This is an amazing young man in my opinion. To be so selfless at 13 years of age is a wonderful thing.

His mother is very proud of him, the article states and I can see why. She has raised a kind and caring son to be very proud of. Interestingly enough, Brock doesn't care what others think of him. He said that - "Sometimes it is better to be unique than average."

You know what, he's right. Unique is always better! I would love to be remembered for the unique things I have done in life rather than being remembered for just being ordinary. I applaud Brock for the generous gesture he made and I hope others take note of it and follow suit. I truly believe it is better to give than receive.

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