Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Giving Back

I’m a big believer in giving back to those who gave to me, and my blog today is about that very thing. In my local RWA chapter, the Greater Detroit RWA we give back in many ways. By helping critique each others work, by offering advice, ideas, brainstorming to others who need it. We offer a rousing round of applause for those who final in a contest, or those who sell. We also offer a shoulder to vent on or cry upon when the rejection arrives from an agent or editor and things just plain aren’t going the writer’s way.
Today though I’m going to touch on the other ways to give back. Such as GoodSearch.com, SearchandGive.com, GreaterGood.com, and Free Rice.com to name a few. All of these sites don’t require a dime from you and they give back monetarily to others. That’s a good thing as Martha Stewart would say, and I say it too (G).
FreeRice.com is one of my favorite sites. It also shows me I am not up to date on anything anymore. Everything I learned in school apparently has flown right out the window. There are levels to challenge yourself on in geography, vocabulary, math and other subjects. Each answer you answer correctly you donate thanks to the sponsors 20 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Programme.
GreaterGood.com is one I really relate to. Being a colon cancer survivor this site is one I go to on a daily basis, click and give to breast cancer, hunger, child health issues, the rainforest and my personal fav – animal rescue. It’s a free button to click on all at one site to give to each of the above causes. What have you got to lose?
SearchandGive.com is Microsoft’s free search site that has tons of nonprofits and schools and donates a penny each time you search for something from there. You can play games there too to earn more money for charity.
And last but not least GoodSearch.com. This site which again you search from donates money to the charity of your choice. They have a list of charities you can choose from on the site.
On a different note, if you need to recycle a cell phone, why not use this one. Phones for Soldiers was started by two teenagers now 16 and 18, that accept all models (even ancient ones) and resell them to a recycling company. The proceeds are used to buy calling cards for the U.S. soldiers abroad so they can call home and talk to their families. So far 27 million minutes have been provided. (I saw this information in Woman’s Day) This one touches me closer to home as my son is in the military and about to deploy in mid June. I won’t see him for close to 18 months and while he is here on leave right now, he goes back Saturday. You can go to CellPhonesforSoldiers.com and print out a receipt and free postage label to mail the phone in. Address is Cell Phones for Soldiers, 2555 Bishop Circle West, Dexter, Michigan 48130-9916.
While this will not make a million dollars it can and does help many in need. And in today’s tight times and poor economy that’s exactly what we need. I thank you in advance.

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